Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Post

It's funny but I never figured I would have a blog. Ever. I tend to hate journaling about my experiences so much that I don't really do it on my LOs either. When I was younger it seems like I started about ten different journals and lost interest with them after maybe a month. Hopefully that doesn't happen here.

It seems that in order to join design teams, challenge blogs, etc. nowadays you need a blog. So I bowed down to the peer pressure. I am actually kinda excited about it. I know I really enjoy reading other scrappy blogs and one of the reasons that I have improved in this craft is because of that. Hopefully this blog can become that to someone else. Now I just need to become technically savvy. How is it possible that I seem like the only 24 year old in the world who knows nothing of computers but the basics?

Here's to trying new things! Wish me luck!!


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