Saturday, November 12, 2011

Killer Clown

I have been so absolutely terrible lately about posting and scrapping. It's just that I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep for 3 weeks now. Every night my boyfriend and I keep waking up every two hours and when I do get some shut eye I am just plagued by the weirdest, most intense, and involved dreams (nightmares) so I definitely don't feel rested afterwards. I kinda just checked out emotionally lately. Today I tried so hard to just sleep and sleep and sleep. I gave up around 3. It's sad that I am comforted by the fact that my boyfriend is experiencing this as well, I think that makes me a bad person. Oh well.

With all of this going on it's crazy that I actually found inspiration to scrap. I think it's because of the amazing sketch that is Challenge 34 at Punky Scraps. Here is my page:
Here is the sketch that inspired it:
Isn't it awesome? So you should definitely head over to Punky Scraps and play. You could win some goodies from Nikki Sivils.

I created this with the October kit from Scraps of Darkness. Unfortunately I had to postpone my November kit till later in the month but it's kinda a good thing because at least now I am fully utilizing this awesome kit. I still have so much left it's crazy. Here are some close ups:

This page actually came together fairly quickly. I don't think I am super fond of it though. =/

The picture was taken at last years Halloween Horror Nights. We couldn't go this year because of finances :( However I will still have Halloween pictures to scrap from this year because we were able to go out with some friends. For the first time in 5 years my boyfriend and I had matching costumes. We were gangsters:
I do have a lot more pictures from Halloween last year that I need to scrap before I can move on to these so you'll probably see these pictures next year. I swear I am a year behind and I get further and further behind each day.


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