Monday, December 5, 2011


Well I have finally made a page that I totally love. Recently I've been really down on my pages and I think it started that cycle where I just kept hating everything I was creating and therefore I kept creating pages that I hated. Thankfully though I think I am getting out of it because I really really adore this page. Though maybe because I just love this picture of my niece. I created this page for the Scraps of Darkness Round Robin. I am week 3 and I followed this project. I was kinda stumped on this at first and then a couple of days ago something just clicked. This is what I came up with, titled 'Giggles':
I used the November Scraps of Darkness kit. I used paper strips to reference the different boxes on Rabbit51's projects. I randomly painted spots with crackle paint and of course I misted everywhere. I love mists ;) Here are some closeups:

Right now I am really involved with making paper Christmas trees that I am planning on decorating my cubicle with. Since my boyfriend and I aren't getting a Christmas tree this year I think I wanted to surround myself with them at work, regardless of the fact that they are made of paper. I will post pictures of them once I complete them. I am also making my own calendar. I think I will post that as well. I have 8 months left to go and I am trying to keep it a cleaner style than my normal preference. It's going pretty easy actually. I hope I will be able to work on some pages as well. I want to finally finish my parent's scrapbook and my sister's. Actually with this page I think I am almost done with my sisters book.


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