Monday, September 19, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge

So here is yet another page for my parent's scrapbook. Recently I have made myself consider those pictures first so that I can finish this book soon. Hopefully before Christmas. I am so slow ::shakes head in shame:: I created this using the Scraps of Darkness Passages Kit (which is all about travel so how perfect is that?) and this is also for the Round Robin over there, I am week one, group 4. I titled this 'Golden Gate Bridge' because it is about ... The Golden Gate Bridge!! (I amuse myself ;))

So I was definitely inspired by Nancy (aka Nancola) with the stitching and the full cut design in the bg. In fact I think I used the same cartridge and design that she did in her layout. I also was playing with layers which isn't something that I do very well. When all was finished I felt like it was missing something and that's when I brought out the gesso and mists I swore I wasn't going to touch this time. LOL whatever it makes me happy right? Here are some closeups:

The stitching is all hand stitched which is why it's not perfect ;) This page gave me such a hard time. I literally just finished it. I usually never leave a page so last minute. The crazy part is that I finished 3 other pages that weren't even due until a few weeks from now! Sometimes I know I make no sense ;D


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