Friday, April 8, 2011

Relationships and It's about Time

So I belong to the Scraps of Darkness kit club and I have to say that I love it. From the first it felt like I belonged. Which is a much better feeling than the one I had with my previous kit club (I won't mention any names). There I always felt on the outskirts, though that was mostly my fault as when I did try to become accepted I was welcomed by most with open arms. However I was never as wowed by their kits as I am by the ones I now receive.

The first page I would like to share with you is called 'Relationships'. It is a pic of my boyfriend, our best friends, and I. I chose the title as it represents not only the romantic relationships in the picture but also the friendly ones. This design is my take on the sketch by Suepup this month.
This was also created for the April Chippie Challenge over at which is hosted by Featherrs. The chippie that was provided to us by 3tailscraft is the 2 vines which I then painted and stickled. My favorite part of this page is the flowers. I decided to experiment and ended making those flowers from an old cricut mat cover. I love how they turned out.

The other LO I have created this week is called 'It's About Time' and it is very much a boys page. It features my father and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have dated for about 5 years now and it is only in the last year or so that my father realized that we were probably going to continue to be together for a while if not forever and decided to warm up to him. I have to say that my boyfriend has always liked and respected my father, my dad has just been way too overprotective towards me and that colors his judgment sometimes. Now they get along famously, which is nice.
I used the clocks to show the passing of time, the brads as a manly decoration (some of them look like screws ... I love them so much! I got them at Hobby Lobby), and the paint because I thought it gave it an edge and well I am kinda obsessed with paints and mists =D. My favorite part though is the framing of the pic. I took the centers of the Tim Holtz reinforcers (reinforcements?) and used them as a border. It is my favorite part because that was the one item that I seriously thought I was never going to use.

I also did one other LO this week but I can't post it until Tuesday as it is for the April Round Robin Challenge at


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