Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When God Closes A Door He Opens A Window.

So I have never been a particularly religious person but I do consider myself to have a lot of faith in God (I believe that there is a difference between faith and religion). Lately life has been particularly hard for my boyfriend and I. However because of my faith I always believe that no matter how hard things can get something good is either just around the corner or has already happened even if I do not recognize it at first. Therefore I strongly believe in the saying 'When God closes a door He opens a window', which basically says to me that there is always hope for life to get better even in the darkest of times. I have witnessed this being true many times. When the current bi-monthly skeletons in the closet challenge over at Scraps of Darkness came out, the topic was to scrap a saying that people would be familiar with and you couldn't use a photo of people. So I chose the door/window saying and it could not be more perfect as I felt that things were reaching a breaking point in my life and I needed to reaffirm my faith. Since this page bloomed into my head things have improved, I finally got an answer and solution to my health issues, my boyfriend has a very good job lead, and if he gets it I could finally go back to school. Here is the page:  
I used the July Scraps of Darkness kit. I also used Sketchy Thursdays 8.4 Sketch. I have been salivating over their sketches for a while now and I am so excited that I actually found the time to participate in this weeks sketch challenge. I hope that I will be able to continue to do so.
These flowers were blue originally. I used Sarah Hurley's black mist which works so amazingly. I used it on the background and the Dusty Attic frame as well. Here are some more close ups of the page:

I found this picture online after a lot (A LOT) of searching. I wasn't big on the original colors and so I changed it to b&w. I framed the pic using one of my favorite techniques which is to create dots with stickles or liquid pearls but instead of just making a dot I continually squeeze the bottle so they all connect together. Almost like a string of beads.
Thanks for looking! I hope you guys like it. The best part of my page is that when I showed it to my boyfriend he liked it so much he wants to hang it on our wall and he never suggests that we display my pages :)


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