Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meant to be Sisters

It is finally Tuesday which means that I can post my sb.com April Round Robin layout!!! I made this with the Scraps of Darkness April kit which I love so so much.
 It is titled 'meant to be Sisters' and features my sister Katrina and I. We are technically stepsisters but that doesn't matter so much to us and we treat each other like full blooded sisters hence the title. This is a lift of Jcbrek's page which can be found here: http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/164367/view/3186407/-1.html over at scrapbook.com. I believe she lifted her page from Manda K. It is so cool I think to see a progression of pages that start from the same design. Its why I love participating in round robin challenges. I distressed this page heavily using multiple techniques.

Here is a close up of the burlap and the water distressing. I inked the burlap and then burned the edges. To achieve this water distressed look I actually did not use any water. I first distressed the edges with my Tim Holtz distresser (I love that little tool so much!) and then I inked it with the rusty hinge distress ink. I then thoroughly saturated the edges with shimmerz baby breath mists and scrunched up the edges before gluing it all down. Water distressing without having to go to the sink! It allowed me much more control over which parts of the paper got wet and in the sunlight it shimmers so prettily.
This is one of my favorite elements. I created plastic flowers on my page 'Relationships' and I created this strip using those scraps. I was going for a very rustic and distressed ribbon effect. Basically it is a strip of plastic that has been inked, misted, burned, and stickled. I think I have finally learned to use distress stickles but I am still not completely in love with most of them.

In more personal news I am so happy to report that I now weigh 135!! I am so ecstatic! I used to weigh almost 185 2 years ago. I have decided to never let that happen again.
So I have gone from this (I am the blonde):
to this (I am the red head ;)):
Looking at these pictures I have also decided to never go blonde again =D


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