Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twenty Years and Counting

So last night I did something very unexpected. I actually scrapped after work! Not only is this very out of the ordinary my shift last night was uber crazy which usually makes me just plop down on the couch and not move for the slightest thing. I'm actually really happy about this, maybe I can start scrapping more!!

I have finally done another page for my parent's scrapbook (I really really need to finish it). I used Sketchy Thursday's 8.11 Sketch. The page is titled 'Twenty Years and counting'.
The picture is of my parents posing at a beach either in northern California or Oregon. I am not quite sure which (I wasn't with them). They have been married for twenty years, well actually it's 21 now but at the time of the picture it was 20 and I believe that is what matters. Plus 21 years and counting didn't sound as cool to me ;D. I used the Crate Paper Portrait collection. I was just amazed how fast this page came together. I just need to work of the peek holes a bit more I think. There is a lot less on it than I have been putting on my pages lately but I just love it. Sometimes less is more, right?

Thanks for looking!!


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