Friday, May 20, 2011

Fan Flowers with a Twist Tutorial

This a tutorial for the flowers that are on my '4 Generations' LO. I was inspired by some Prima flowers that can be seen here, but I did not have any at my local craft stores and I was too impatient to wait for them from So I tried to make my own and I really like how they came out.

To start with you will need
1. A thin strip of white cardstock. I use 12in long strips. (You could use a piece of patterned paper but I like to create the color with mists which is why I use white cardstock)
2. Sissors
3. Glue dots (regular size)
4. Mists
5. A flower center

Step 1
Fold the paper strip into an accordion shape. Basically start to make a regular fan flower.

Step 2
Instead of gluing the ends of the strip together, place a glue dot on either side to hold the flower shape. I like to put a piece of the glue dot paper on top so I can hold the flower while I am cutting

Step 3
Cut the paper into tiny strips. Make sure you do not cut all the way to the center.
It should look like this when you are finished cutting.

Step 4
Mist flower with selected colors until you are happy with how it looks.

Step 5
Take off glue dot paper cover and put on the flower center. There you have your finished flower!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. FANTASTIC flowers Ashley!!! love them! TFS!!!!

  2. This is super cool!! Wish I saw this a couple of pages ago, lol. Maybe I will be able to use them in the future.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! Love the misting!

  4. Okay...I love this and would have never thought of "fringing" it. Thanks for sharing the idea :)

  5. Ashley this is fabulous and if I don't use it next Friday as a Fabulous Find I might like to actually use it as a full on feature one day. Let me know if you're game for that! You know where to find me :)

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