Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Descent

So during the month of October Scraps of Darkness is having a Halloween Horror Movie Contest. Subscribers are to create layouts of their favorite horror movie. I have a few. After searching for images, I found this incredible movie posters of one of my favorite horror flicks. The movie is called 'The Descent'. It is beyond creepy and gory. One of the coolest things about the movie is that the cast is entirely female, which doesn't happen often.

I created this with the September Passages SOD kit. The rocks are pieces of cork. I distressed the paper and crumbled it up to create the texture. I misted, painted, and stickled the paper then to add interest.
The movie is about a group of women who like to go on adventures every year. This year they decide to go caving. The main protagonist is still recovering from the death of her husband and child. They get into the the cave and then they realize they can't get out because the girl who planned the trip failed to mention that this cave was not on any of the maps. She wanted to be credited with discovering and exploring it. There are so weird creatures in there and people start dying. They spend the movie trying to survive, keep their secrets, and to get out. I never saw the end coming. I also could not sleep the night I saw this. My boyfriend also who never jumps at scary movies jumped at this one. Truly a fantastic film. I am thinking that I am inspired to also scrap some of my other favorite horror movies. We'll see how it goes.


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